Zionism and pan-Arabism

By Taous Thamazight

At the base, Zionism is a doctrine created to defend the Jews, after several centuries of pogroms and anti-Judaism in Europe (especially in the EST). Zionism is not an imperialist ideology, but an ideology of defense, and, therefore, by the creating a state, would allow Jews to have the real means to defend themselves.

Moreover, the first idea of the Zionists was to settle in a No-Man’s-land in Madagascar. It was much later that the idea of Israel came …

Pan-Arabism, on the other hand, is an absolutely racist and imperialist idea that finds its sources in Europe as well. Indeed, directly inspired by German pan-Germanism. However, in the basic idea, has this great Arab state only been relevant in the Middle East, it was never meant to integrate North Africa …

However, this pan-Arabist movement, tinged with socialism, has in the sterile left wing, found allies. The Third World discourses of eternal victims in order to hold the West by its testicles (hence the hatred of the United States that does not work in this intellectual blackmail). The left-side ideology which only seeks to destroy everything, without building anything new, can be compared with the ideology of Pan-Arabism.

Along with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the socialist masque fell off of Pan Arabism as well. Thus, the hideous face of Islam was revealed In the ranks of the Palestinians who was the official excuse for leftist support to pan-Arabism. It became the end of Fatah, PLO, DFLP, PFLPetc., etc., and the beginning of Hamas , al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades,  Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine etc.,even with this new aspect, nuisance socialists, like flies trapped by glue traps, remain attached to their allies, whose ideologies are the opposite of each other

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