Palestinian authority: “The Kurdish state is a dager planted in the arab body”

New York, Friday, November 23, 2012. Ban Ki-moon received the official request of the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, to provide his country observer status (PH / The world)

On August 26, a Palestinian official website reproducing the positions of the Palestinian Authority reported a meeting between various parties “opposed” to Bashar al Assad and during which representatives of the Palestinian Authority had the opportunity to listen to a Kurdish official, Saleh Mohamed Muslim, the president of the Democratic Kurdish Union Party(PYD).

Thus, Dr. Saeb Erekat, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO, gave its opinion on the will to create a Kurdish state and says in essence:

“We must emphasize that this question (note: Kurdish question) affects directly and very unfavorably the Palestinian issue, since a Kurdish state would serve as a poisoned dagger in the Arab body and that it would also encourage other ambitions, aspirations and actions of separation, not only in Syria but also in many other Arab countries. “

In other words, the Palestinian Authority refuses to other nations what it it keeps demanding for the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, the representative of the Palestinian Authority at the meeting added that it is

important not to neglect the Kurdish separatism and their relationship to Israel” because “the secret and public relations between the Kurds and Israel, means an Israeli-Kurdish coalition to weaken the Arab position. “

The site adds that the Palestinian president of Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Kurdish Saleh Muslim, has “focused on self-management of Kurdish areas”; self-management where the Palestinian Authority sees “the introduction of separatism” …

In thus opposing the legitimate and official existence of the Kurdish through the creation of their own state, the Palestinian Authority confirmed that the Arab-Islamic instances (and similar), whatever they are, will imagine justice and freedom only if it deprive “non-Arab” peoples whose territories are illegally occupied by “Arab brothers” …

For the Palestinian Authority, the right of peoples to self-determination is only valid for the Palestinians (and possibly for the Saharawi Arab Republic), but definitely not for the people colonized by their Arab Islamic compatriots, or similar … To meditate!

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