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Bernard Kouchner: All boundaries from colonization will disappear

Bernard Kouchner

Bernard Kouchner

He was invited to the popular talk show of Ruquier Laurent, where the former French Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007-2010) explained that he must go back to colonization to understand what is happening in the Middle East with the birth of “the Islamic state”.

Infact, in response to the new journalist ONPC Lea Salami, who asked if the Daech is not the result of American intervention in Iraq in 2003, Kouchner was categorical: “It is not the result of American mistakes, it is the result of colonization. All boundaries [from colonization] will disappear, and they are disappearing. ”

He who was the senior representative of the General Secretariat of the UN in Kosovo between 1999 and 2001 and who is an iconic figure of the humanitarian, being, among other things, the co-founder of “Doctors Without Borders” and “Doctors the world” was invited to ONPC to mark the release of his essay “memoirs Crossed” co-written with Adam Michmick .
Lea Salami, who was trying to explain the current dramatic situation in Iraq and Syria by US military intervention in Iraq in 2003 or by the Obama withdrawal in 2011 was treated to a different side of the story of the by Bernard Kouchner: “I think all boundaries of colonization, particularly French and British, because we were there, it is we who have drawn borders, have ignored the community balances and even religious . I think that is changing completely. ”
These words are not unlike those of Ferhat Mehenni during the various crises experienced by Africa and the Middle East conflicts in recent years. In 2010 Ferhat Mehenni published an essay on the border issue under the title “The identity Century – The end of post-colonial states,” a book in which he warned the United Nations, France and other participants in the international politics about the dislocation of the countries of colonization and where he urged them to support the people who feel the need, their independence to avoid bloodshed politics.
Bernard Kouchner admitted in this program that he do not know “how it (Dislocation Borders) will happen” and is concerned that this is happening “in the blood”.

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