Islam, islamism, muslims, islamists and tutti quanti!


Islamism must not be confused with Islam says in chorus members of the Parliament, writers and journalists, and even opponents to “stealth islamization” of society.

I do not know the definition of this Islamism separated from Islam. Without Islam, there is no Islamism and without Islamism, Islam would never be out of Medina, then no Islam. Islamism is the engine to the expansion of Islam and its sustainability in the conquered areas.

Mohammedanism is sometimes Islam and sometimes Islamism, depending on whether it is in a situation of reproduction among Muslims already submited, or in combat situation for subjecting other people. Moreover, in the Arabic language, there is no equivalent concept to the European word “Islamism”. Islamist is simply a Muslim activists or a Muslim fighter and a practicing Muslim, usually illiterate, which still must “show the right path” in his circle.

Jihad in all its forms, is natural in Islam. In Muslim countries, there is no distinction between islamists and muslims, or between Islam and Islamism.

Islam is Islamism at reste and Islamism is islam in motion.

They are one and the same thing

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