Arab hate


Algerian MPs have just voted against the promotion of the Kabyle language in Algeria.

Algerian MPs  voted against the promotion of the Kabyle language in Algeria.

The Arabs hate Kabyles just because the Arabs have a rotten mentality. I think Arabs have rotten mentality only because they are Muslims. As they have been Muslims for a long time, Islam has spread throughout their culture and has infected it until it has been de-humanized. This religion has crawled into every part of the life of each Arab in much the same way as a weed invades fertile land.

The Arab can not even sleep peacefully without the religion coming and stabbing his nose. He can not fuck (I can not think he makes love) calmly and naturally, nor eat what he wants as he wants, nor see his wife dress up as she desires or have the friends he wants, nor testify his property to whom he wants, nor put his money where he wants … etc. Most Arabs are not able to imagine their existence without Islam. They can not even see the existence of others without Islam – they ask in earnest and with anger why 5 billion people do not wish to be Muslims. When they harbour such a mentality, it should be no surprise to anyone that they meet strong criticism from most.

I say these things the way they are. All I say is verifiable. There is no insult in it, and not hatred. When you say dogs bark while they hunt cats, it’s just a fact. It is not an insult to the dogs, or hatred of dogs. It is merely a statement as to the nature of the dogs. The nature of Arabs is to be Muslim and to allow this religion to descend from heaven to take care of every detail of their earthly life. Instead of living, Muslims are busy preventing others from living and enjoying their lives. Everywhere, we can observe this.

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