A minority


Because of the criminal policy of France that builds and supports an Arab-Muslim world, there are two types of minorities in Algeria: Imazighen and women.

A minority is not calculated by the proportion of people who constitute it, but according to their weight (political, cultural …).

The term “minority” is used by euphemistically to refer to a social, ethnic, political, sexual or religious group of people dominated by a culture, politics, ethnic or religion who is dominant and domineering.

So it is actually a power relationship that one here can observe.

In the apartheid time in South Africa, the black population was many more, but was dominated at every level by the white population that was much less numerous. But this small number of whites held all the power, and were acting as if they were the majority.

With minority you should not immediately think proportion of people, but who have the political and cultural power. In Algeria, Arab-Islam is dominant, and has all power, and serves as a majority. This situation is even more visible in Morocco where Imazighen are a larger population

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