Who is Tariq (Tariq Ibn Ziyad)?

Alaric I was the King of the Visigoths from 395–410

Alaric I was the King of the Visigoths from 395–410
By Dahmane A .

I would like to tell you about the story of  Taric (descendent of Alaric, king of the first Visigoths dynasty) whom the bedouins in their fanciful writings arabized the name in Tariq Ibn Ziad and presented him as a “Brave Berber General” servant of the Damascus’s Caliphs, who led the Arab-Berber raids to submit Visigoths Hispania in 711.

Thus, all violations, assaults, crimes and felonies, raids directly ordered, sponsored and executed by the Muhajiroun armies (name derived from Hagar, Sarah’s maid, wife of the prophet Abraham) are wiped by attributing them to the Amazigh peoples of North Africa.

We must decolonize history. Taric has never been part of Amazigh anthroponyms and the name means absolutely nothing. In fact, it is only a Visigoths prince, great grand son of king Alaric, whose throne was usurped by an imposter. Taric was a refugee in Tamazgha where he trained detachments of Arab-Berber mercenaries to regain its crown in Hispania.

Thus the Arabs, the Jews and Berbers have also arrived in Hispania in 711. Needless to say that no one had heard of Islam (it did not exist at the time) nor the Koran. The rallying cry of the politico-religious movement nebulous was done in the profession of faith of obedience to this Judeo-Nazarene messianic sect, recovered by his Arab followers of Damascus: “There is no god but God, alone and with no partners” which is actually the proto-shahada (profession of faith that the invention of Islam then corrected, adapted to the dogmatic necessities, removing the second part and substituting “Muhammad the Messenger”).

And that was the first time that appeared the strange name of Mohammed that no Arab had worn earlier in the country of Cham.

This you read is the official history of Islam that gave a name to a mountain : Gibraltar.
By Kaci

Ibn Abd al-Hakkam is the Egyptian historian of the 9th century and is the only source of the incredible story of the amazing so called Muslim invasion of Spain in the 7th century. He describes the beginning of the invasion: “In an island he says, took Tariks people captive farmers, killed one of them and cooked him in a pot; in another pot they cooked the meat. Alternating pots, they let the farmers who viewed believe they ate human flesh; farmers spread rumors over all the country. Rumors about Arabs cannibalism came up untill the continent and Iberians, far from the massacring first arrivals, so they welcomed them with care, preferring to earn their goodwill by subjecting themselves rather than be on the menu. “

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