The MAK president: “After 14 years of existence, the MAK has reconciled Kabylia with itself”

Kabyle flag“Thanks to MAK (Movment for autodetermination of Kabylia), the Kabyle people is today going towards the direction of its true liberation. Kabylia has finally given an official flag whose colors and the symbolic really represents and itself and does not connect  against its will to the Arab world. The response to the Annay Aqvayli (Kabyle flag) has exceeded all expectations. It is a plebiscite of the Kabyle national emblem which the world has witnessed. The Kabyle flag is masterfully enshrined by its people.

Kabylia has adopted an anthem that finally speaks to the kabyle people in its own language and in which they can only recognize, unlike the Algerian anthem created and imposed to dissolve us in the Arab world. Kabylia has a Kabyle identity card that represents the Kabyle citizen in their language and in their real identity and not to make Kabyle citizen an eternal “conquered”.

Kabylia has established a Provisional Government (the Anavad) which carries the voice of the Kabyle people internationally and defends the Kabyle country and not a small province of a vast and chimerical Arab world where Kabylia is tossed from the League of Arab world to the Islamic world!

No, Kabylia is a country, a nation and a people that has its own culture, its own civilization and its own history rooted in thousands of years of existence on the African continent, in this vast Tamazgha conquered many times but never submitted .

On the diplomatic front, the MAK effectively gave Kabylia their first government in history. This event is the first step in building a Kabyle state, unique way of salvation for Kabylia and its people. ”

Bouaziz Aït-Chebib, President of the MAK

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