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The evil is not in Islam

A muslim scholar who finds that his nation is among the very last in the world in terms of technological, scientific, economic and social development says: “The evil is not in Islam, but in our misunderstanding of religion and our fear of any innovation”.

When one morning the Arab muslims discover themselves to still be stupid, wicked, poor, underdeveloped, filthy and vile, they say to themselves: we are not Muslim enough . Let’s go back to Koranic school.
They gorge themselves on the words of the Qur’an again and again. The more they ingest Koranic verses, the more they become cons, beasts, poor, wicked, vile and underdeveloped. They say that they did not understand the Qur’an well enough and return to it again … and so the cycle continues.

One must be really stupid and underdeveloped to not understand a book 15 centuries after its release. Even the theory of general relativity is currently understood by all who deign to read “physics for dummies”.

Poor aerbito-muzzites! they do not understand their language nor their religion and that explains, according to them, their abyssinal delay on the rest of the world.

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