How can we say that the Kaaba is a totem?

the Kaaba is a totem

The pilgrimage to Mecca and the rituals accompanying it are very strange This pillar is the only one anachronistic with the spirit of Islam. It completely contradicts universalism, the omnipresence of Allah.

The rite of hajj locates Allah and ritual around the Kaaba closely resembles the worship of a totem. I feel that the Hajj is a touch of Arab nationalist knowingly added to Islam. There was a clear desire to make Mecca a pole in both ethnic and economic of Islam.

Another enigma is the status of Hajj: It is a pillar of Islam, but it is not by definition obligatory. Then by definition all pillars of a doctrinaire building are essential, mandatory. The exceptions for the other 4 pillars are strictly defined and documented. However, it is only mentioned that the Hajj is obligatory for “those who can” do it, ie those who can afford it.

The notion of material resources introduced here an idea contrary to Islam (Ennas sawassia ka Asnani el micht “) people are equal like the teeth of a comb. The fact that all hadjis dress the same way because they are equal before Allah make to smile. They are indeed all equal to each other because they all have the means to pay a pilgrimage. But they are not equal to Muslims who do not have the means to go on pilgrimage. The evidence, they take the honorary title of Hajji when they return home. This kind of awkward situation exists neither for salat or for Ramadan or for zakat, nor for chahada.There’s always a concialition for indisposition (ÛUDR). This balance consists of the facilities allow the Muslim to make up their Muslim duty in a different way. So it n is not required of a dumb person it hear him pronounce the shahada. he is under the understanding that the person is in good faith. So the shahada is not “liman yastati” (for those who can). Ramadan is not obligatory for the sick and people traveling, they can catch up after recovery or arriving at destination for the traveler. The amount of zakat is set as having people. The prayer failed for various reasons is caught in a meaningful way. Only the hajj officially break officially equality between Muslims based on a material criterion. In the Quran, this pillar has expressly inscription to the one who can. This phrase does not appear for Ramadan , although people sick, menstruating women, travelers can not fast. You have to get these exceptions also dispersed in the Koran, in the hadith and fiqh.

Allah certainly judge that his hajj pillar is completely inappropriate and has no spiritual value except for the rich and the Meccans. The majority of Muslims are poor, we wonder why Hajj has a pillar rank. Allah has tried to change his mind by adding “Liman istataâ” for who can to exclude the majority of Muslims and book this pillar to the rich. Not allah loves more the rich, but only the rich can participate in boosting the Meccan economy. That is the impression it gives. World Muslims are paying a tax to the Meccan, but Islam has lightened the tax by making it mandatory only for the rich. In exchange for the payment of this tax,rich Muslim acquires title of hajj that distinguished them from the rest of their compatriot (in the Muslim world, the Hajj has a status better than the Muslim people.

He breaks even if these means are roughly defined, we note that hundreds of millions of people who can afford to do pilegrims not do it, as if deep inside them, they feel a scam. On the other hand, thousands of Muslims do not have the physical means to perform the pilgrimage the pilgrimage anyway to Mecca, is totally mocking from conditions that the ulema their repeat them constantly. Of The five pillars of Islam, hajj is the least observed and least popular

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  • Small precision: the formula of the tourniquet: labbayka, ya rabbi labbayka …..
    speak to a god Rabbi, who may not be Allah. Mohammed was honest. The hajj is a pagan rite to which he has not mixed Allah.

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