“Land of Islam”.

“Land of Islam”.
We have all read more than once on the part of Western Islamist newspapers (all the major media) the term “Land of Islam”, speaking of certain countries in Asia and North Africa.
What does it mean?

That the soil on which people live is muslim? Does this same soil pray? If carrots and pears were grown there, would they be muslims? Can you water your plants and plantations in the Land of Islam during Ramadan, or is it Haram?
Answer: You are in the land of Islam when the soil on which you live is full of rats, peelings of melons and spittle on the sidewalk.
You are in the land of Islam when you see idle people all day long.
You are in the land of Islam when you see women walking with haggard eyes.
You are in the land of Islam when you see policemen beating the poor, submissive herds begging their deity to stop the beatings.

…. so Allahu Akbar be blessed my friends, you are in the land of Islam.

This list is not exhaustive and some elements can be added as needed.
By Adbouz Terence

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  • Where Arab-Islamism goes, decency and good morals are over!

    Have you noticed that from Karashi to Casablanca, “the Muslim world”, is a society based on souks, baazars and brothels that develop systematically?

    When I think these people are moralizing us, and talk about Western decadence

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