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Eid, with or without the filter is not a feast, but a set of morbid rituals

Eid, with or without the filter is not a feast, but a set of morbid rituals, deliverance for the masochists (the little eid), becoming sadistic enjoying the flow of the sheep’s blood two months later (the big eid).
As I am normal, constant and natural, I do not suffer from anthropocentrism. I do not find the man better than the wolf of Taiga. I do not think a god writes messages somewhere for men and hires a postman from time to time.
I do not shed a tear when the lioness leaps to roll the antelope into the dust. I do not take pity on the Algerian people victim of Islamist terrorism that they have happily brought forth. I do not like Algeria, Morocco, Colombia, Qatar, Guatemala, Uzbekistan, Libya, Turkey and a hundred other countries. I do not dream of a green paradise with or without a mouse. I do not think it’s enough to forbid some food and good wine, to adopt a serious face to the mecca, to smack-smack-two-step-in-the-back to deserve eternal life ! My soul is not tortured with the idea of disappearing one day. I do not spend my life poisoning that of others just because I’m afraid of going from life to death. I do not think that the more of us believe that Allah and his paradise exist the more likely it is to be true.

I do not care if we kill sheep coldly to eat them. What revolts me is that we do it for another purpose. The sacrifice aspect is barbaric. Believe to harvest hassanate because the sunna recommends sacrificing a sheep is primitive and has dementia in the image of some evil religions (voodoo and other satanic stuff). Why do not Muslims kill their sheep in disordered order during the year if it’s just to eat meat?

the ritual is rigorous. The sacrifice must be made the same day, almost at the same time, just after the exit of the mosque where, for the same time, the founder myth muslim has just been recalled. Nowhere in the Koran, in mythology or anywhere else has it been mentioned that Abraham kills a sheep to feed himself and feed his people in a huge and happy barbeque. The rite is scrupulously codified: conditions are required for the candidate sheep, it must be unscathed by any defect of manufacture, whole, with its tail, its 2 eyes, its 2 ears … and of preference with horns. The sheep is facing the mecca (again!), an incantatory formula is recited, followed by a double spit, the slaughtering gesture itself has its recommended technique. A few minutes are required to watch the blood flow from the throat of the sheep. Children make a circle and they learn.
Until then, there was no question of chewing the meat happily. But since the sheep is now dead and hallal, so it can be eaten.
I do not care that Arabs and Jews are fighting for territory and totems, as I do not care if the hyenas steal the prey of lions. I do not like cuckoos that lay their eggs in the nest of other birds. I love to see the jackal decamp on the steep slope of a corner of the Djurdjura. And I have a thought for the thousands of poorly dressed Kabyle women with holey shoes who wear their fingertips to pick up the olives one by one that the muZZ  will eat next Ramadan in tadjin zitoun!

By Hocine Berkouk 

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