Highlands: The Great March for the Independence of Scotland

The Scots will not give up their fight for the independence of their country and its exit from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. This Saturday, there were tens of thousands walking in the streets of the Highland capital of Inverness, during the Great March for the Independence of Scotland. A greatly supported demonstration that informs about the great will and determination of this people to dispose of its sovereignty outside the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Organized by the independence group “All Under One Banner” (AUOB), this well-supported march is a clear message to the powers in London on the growing desire of Scots to fully dispose of their destiny, especially after the Brexit.
Like the Scots, the Kabyles long for independence, since the MAK dared to defy fear and break the wall of silence imposed by the dictatorial powers of Algeria. The Scottish example, just like the Catalans of Spain, must deeply inspire the Kabyles in their quest for sovereignty, which has been confiscated for several years.

Kabylia must be inspired by the formidable mobilization of the Scottish people to take a further step in their noble struggle for self-determination. To do this, all Kabyles whom love of their homeland, the real one, must unite with MAK and its president, Ferhat Mehenni, to thwart all the tricks orchestrated by the Algerian powers and its relays among the KDS (Traitors against Kabylia) in particular. This is a question of self-determination for a people, who, in their heart of hearts, has been seperating for many years with this Algeria, a nation ruled by despots and tyrants.

Like Scotland, Catalonia or Kurdistan, Kabylia has invaluable potential to self-govern. Starting with its strong diaspora spread across France, Canada and the United States, among others, our dear Kabylia is all about a great nation.

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