Slippery Arabic: islam, peace or submission?

In the debates about Islam, in French or Norwegian we understand that the Islamists have succeeded in dethroning their opponent by claiming that Islam means peace. Even the most knowledgeable debaters of the Islamic culture like my fellow Franco-Kabyle Eric Zemmour does not know the meaning of the word Islam.

The word Islam means submit
The word Islam means submit
Slippery Arabic: islam, salam and peace!

Arabs are semantic manipulators. In Arabic language, some terms, having a common phonetic root, have totally different meanings. Muslims bring them together, hoping that others would not undertand, for propaganda purposes. To illustrate my words, let us take an exaggerated example in English in order to bring out the manipulation: In the word “particular” we find the following words phonetically:
Here, amalgam is not possible between words because they do not have a common phonetic root. Nothing can be done with these words except to look at them and smile. Maybe we can dare a rapprochement between a “part”, a “particle”, a “party”.
On the other hand, let us take the example of some Arabic words of the same phonetic root SLM
– Salam Hello.
– Salam alikum means “peace be with you”. The Arabs thus saluted themselves long before the advent of Islam.
– Islam means submission to Muslim law, not to Allah as the Muslims claim to give the impression of submission to a god. This small subterfuge makes it possible to clear the Muslims as men charged with enforcing this law. The lawyer (in fact any Muslim) can do nothing, he only obeys God, as a soldier has to execute the orders of his superior. There has never been an execution squad or an official executioner convicted of murder, right?
– Silm means peace, but in Arabic spoken, Arabic speakers always use the word “lehna”, at least in North Africa. When Muslims address non-Muslims they make a small contortion to confuse “silm”, “islam” and “salam” to make believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Thus, they claim that “salam alikum” means “peace be upon you” and from there they slip to suggest that “Islam”, with the same phonetic root as “salam” and “silm”, is therefore Religion of peace.
– sellem means to deliver, in the sense of “giving”
– Soullem is the scale.
– salim means healthy.
–Asteslem means to surrender.”
– Aslem means to submit, convert to Islam, but Muslims interpret to non-Muslims “enter into the religion of peace”
– Teslem means you will be safe. Hence the famous injunction of the Muslim warriors: aslem, teslem (submit yourself, convert yourself, and you will be safe).

Of course, it would be unnecessary to point out that Muslims (Arabs or not) make the difference between all these terms of pronunciation so neighborly that it easily deceives non-Muslims without confusing the Muslims.

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