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The arab-muslim world: a massive black hole

What you see in this picture is a massive black hole. Like the one detected in the galaxy Centaurus A. A black hole is basically a star so massive that it collapses under its own weight. It thus forms a cavity with a gravity that attracts towards its center any matter or energy that would pass by.

Another peculiarity of the black hole is that it can slow down the time of all that could turn around it at the speed of light.The Arab-Muslim world is exactly like a black hole. It is so massive because of its underdevelopment that it collapses under the weight of its own bullshit. It eats all the energy and matter of bodies born in its orbit, even those who are not Arabs. Nothing escapes it, like this black hole in the photo ingesting a star.

Sometimes, alien-individuals with a surplus of gray matter manage to find the energetic thrust necessary to escape the field of attraction of the Arab-Muslim world, and take the path towards other galaxies where the gray matter is valued, prized, enhanced, and not fossilized.Like the black hole, the Arab-Muslim world has the particularity of slowing down time. It can even do better: it can stop time. And even better: go back in time. For this purpose, it has a formidable black combustible energy: Islam. Since the Arab-Muslim world made its big bang, in the 50s and 60s, it is only expanding to the past.

It has recently been learned that it takes 80 inhabitants of the Arab world to read a book a year. 0.0125 Arabic reads a book a year. You know the number of gold, here is the number of lead: 0.0125.

For those like me who do not like this absolutist power of black holes, especially supermassives, I have good news: a black hole can die. It evaporates. This is called Hawking radiation. But, there is a but. It takes billions of years. So courage.

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