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One day I watched a television report on Saudi Arabia.

One day I watched a television report on Saudi Arabia. Here is what this report says:
The Arabs are bedouins who live in tents, who know nothing of civilization. Some tribes are binary in their heads … and play music only with one single string instrument. Arabia is in fact an immense sandbox in which these bands of wild bedouins play at war.
When the Westerners came to bring them the invention of the wall and the house, the bedouins were uncomfortable and wanted to recover their way of life of bedouin (life in the tents). The guy who is today a high official, when he was brought a TV he stayed 2 hours watching the screen, as the dog of my grandmother in front of her TV .
The bedouins besides not knowing the civilizations are in addition very stupid people. The guy was telling that while he was a minister, it was his mother in PARIS who told him that the Iraqi tanks were approaching their sandbox.
Also, before, it took them 6 days to release a gang of hostage takers from Mecca, while in as much time, Israel defeated 6 Arab countries and invaded 3 of them. And again, it’s the French who did all the work. And this TV channel only described the reality of this people.
To say that bedouins are as intelligent as the rich landscapes of their country is not racism, but pure description.

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