Crime against humanity committed by the Turks: Solidarity from the Kabyle people to the Kurdish people.

In solidarity with the Kurdish people massacred by a fascist state, in solidarity with Afrin who is drowning in the bombs of the terrorist Erdogan, in solidarity with the fighters, women and men, of Rojava.

Message from Nadia At Uissa for the Amazigh Collective in France

I greet my Kurdish brothers and sisters
It is in the name of the Amazigh people, of the Kabyle people, that I come here to express to you my deepest solidarity, my support for your fight for freedom, a fair struggle, a struggle for humanity as a whole.
Today the international community shows ingratitude towards the Kurdish people by their silence. And the silence is revealing either of the covardness or the complicity in a crime against mankind. We Amazigh peoples and the Kabyle people in particular are attached to your struggle, in its universal values, peace that you carry. It is scandalous that those who yesterday had appealed to Kurdish forces not only to defend Syria or Iraq but all of humanity against these barbarians, these monsters of the deash. It is outrageous that today you are beeing accused of terrorism while terrorists are those who fight you, those who kill your children and your women. It is not the Kurds who are the terrorists, but Erdogan.
Erdogane the terrorist, Erdogane the criminal! He should be brought to justice for a crime against humanity, not the other way around.

I express my solidarity and remind that we too suffer the same injustice in Kabylia, Rif, Azawad, Mzab, we suffer the same practice and the same injustice. We will remain in solidarity with you. Yesterday I was Kobane, today I am Afrin.


The Arab-Muslim world is not a beduin affair, who has never had the opportunity to defeat even a chicken. Islam and the Arabs are a strictly European affair. A very good deal for them. This since the century of Charlemagne, A German , the true century of the gestation of Islam. It was the Franks, Vandals and Visigoths who, since the 4th century, destroyed the old Mediterranean world and wrote history in their own way, avoiding that the victims could have the opportunity to tell their version.

These Turkish monsters are armed by German weapons.

Afrin attack: All vehicles and weapons are made in Germany

The Turkish army is using more German-made vehicles in their attack on Afrin than what the public is aware of. In addition to the Leopard tanks, the Turkish soldiers and gangs are using rifles manufactured by Heckler & Koch and Mercedes vehicles.

The Berlin administration is under pressure due to the German-made weapons and military vehicles used in the Turkish army’s attacks and massacres against Afrin. Most recently, the TV program Monitor broadcast on the state television ARD pointed out that the Turkish army has been equipped with German-made military equipment from head to toe.

The program titled “War against Kurds: Made in Germany” stated that the licensing rights to the rifles the Turkish soldiers and their gangs attacking Afrin are held by Germany’s prominent weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch, and added that the firm has received approval from Germany to have the rifles manufactured in Turkey.

The program also stated that the military vehicles that transported the Turkish army tanks to the Afrin border were manufactured by German automotive giant Mercedes. It was also pointed out that the vehicles transporting Turkish soldiers for the Afrin attack are Mercedes’ Unimog model.


The program stated that the German-made vehicles are not only these, and in addition to the Leopard II tanks, the M60 tanks the Turkish army uses are also running on motors manufactured by German automotive giants MTU and Renk, and that the artilleries used in the bombing of Afrin also have MTU motors installed.

The program also pointed out the gangs attacking Afrin along with the Turkish army, and stressed that Western countries deem some of these groups “terrorists” and that the groups have previously been acting together with ISIS. For instance, the Ahrar Al Sham organization supported by Turkey is identified as a terrorist organization by the German federal chief prosecution.

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