Muslims are superior to other societies, explains the director of the collective against islamophobia in France

Europeans have still not seen or heard everything from muslims. Gradually they will discover them in all their ugliness.
The video shows the director of the collective against islamophobia in France, Marwan Muhammad, who plays the famous victim partition and claims that muslims today are like the jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. In the same breath, he explains why muslims are the best community chosen by Allah and superior to other world societies. He says, supporting by Qur’anic verse, that Allah has chosen muslims to guide all humanity, including the animals.
All of this would be ridiculous if the European elite did not take people like him with seriously and shows such as him great respect, even with this folly they declare on all microphones. Particularly if this man lived in Norway, the assumed Islamic country, the doors of the big media would be wide open to him at all times that would suit him, and a consultancy job will be him guaranteed in anti-racist center.


Allah is always akhbar.


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