Migrants in Mediterranean and Europe


For decades many African countries are under the control of armed dictatorships, supported, condoned by the West. They deliver their country to the plundering of multinationals, apply the edicts of the World Bank, holding the vast majority of their population below the poverty line. Europe has nothing to do with that?

The Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), imposed by Europe to developing countries, are ruining local producers. The price of cotton, cocoa, peanut is subject to stock market speculation in London, Paris or Frankfurt. Western trusts are hogging hundreds of thousands of hectares, reducing the peasants to the state of near serfdom. Europe has nothing to do with that?

The CFA franc currency of fifteen Africa’s sub-Saharan countries, most of which are stagnating in poverty, is linked to the euro and these countries must file their financial reserves in the coffers of the European Central Bank via the French Treasury. Europe has nothing to do with that?

Europe intervenes militarily, politically, economically, monetarily, in the government of African countries, because its own prosperity depends on it, and all the disastrous consequences for the Africans should be attributed to fate? The only culprits would be those who sell the promise to escape hell? With this sham that lulls the public and that hides the crimes against humanity perpetrated by a ferocious colonial interference, decked moreover by humanitarian tinsel.

In the case of France, as its interference in Francophone Africa is pervasive, pernicious and multifaceted, as it is at the forefront in the war on “illegal immigrants”. This is called wanting their cake and eat it too.

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