Amazigh North Africa, the West, and the Arab-Islamic Tyranny

The totalitarian Arab-Islamic tyranny in North Africa severely hampers the unearthing and revival of Libya’s, Tunisia’s, Algeria’s and Morocco’s ancestral Amazigh identity, language, culture, and civilization. The West, which has amply proven to be an ally of the barbaric Islamic totalitarianism, stubbornly persists to baptize the Amazigh peoples’ homeland—North Africa—as an Arab territory.



by Izemrasen N.M

Why does the West continue to help despotic, apocalyptic Arab-Islamic sects to lock democracy, human secular freedom and individuals’ and peoples’ fundamental human rights behind the walls of the liberticidal, totalitarian and fossilized Islamic dogma?

The true liberation of tyrannized Amazigh North Africa lies in the ultimate restitution of its true Amazigh identity, the revival and promotion of its Amazigh languages, and the restoration and reconstruction of its democratic and secular ancestral civilization. Amazigh North Africa is more than fed up with the long-lasting tyrannical, terroristic and genocidal yoke of diabolical Arab-Islamism that has been stifling its existence and life by depriving it of its wealth, identity, memory, human freedom and its democratic secular culture for so long. Strongly incensed and outraged, the Native North African Amazigh peoples, with their legendary ancestral lands, spirits, and Gods, vigorously denounce the corrupt Western governments’ hypocrisy and duplicity.

What is good for Western peoples is also good for North African Amazigh peoples. What is harmful for Western peoples is also harmful for North African Amazigh peoples. What the Western world wants is what the Amazigh world wants. Secularism is the base for peace, democratic human freedom, creativity, happiness, and prosperity.

The West must fulfil its international humanistic and moral obligations by abolishing its support for the wicked, enslaving, genocidal Arab-Islamic tyranny—which wilfully destroys the existence and destiny of Amazigh North Africa with state-sponsored predatory monotheistic despotism, barbarism, multifaceted terrorism, anti-Amazighism, repression, forced Arabization, dead knowledge, annihilating acculturation, falsehood, ignorance, intolerance, hatred, racism, discrimination, injustice, indignity, pillage, corruption, abuse, underdevelopment, poverty, darkness, and despair.

The long-lasting, totalitarian, genocidal and outdated Arab-Islamic tyranny must be ended; otherwise, there will never be any true democracy or freedom in the Middle East, which is ethnically non-Arab, and Amazigh North Africa. The US, UK and France must urgently revise their foreign-policy mindset in the interest of true peace, true democracy, true freedom and true justice in these two important regions of the world. The tyrannized democratic and secular Native North African Amazigh peoples deserve to fully enjoy freedom, democracy, and all their individuals’ and peoples’ fundamental human rights, including the right to self-determination and independence !

It goes without saying that the despotic denial of peoples’ identity or existence is an act of terroristic mass annihilation that calls into question the humanity of mankind.


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