International Conference about Libya: The announced failure

International Conference about Libya: The announced failure

The international conference being held in Palermo, Italy, November 12 and 13, 2018, is an announced failure.

Called to stabilize this vast territory, a prey to chaos since the fall, in 2011, of the dictator Gaddafi, this conference is a sword in the water.

Italy and Europe who believe that the stabilization of Libya would be an effective way to close the road to the endless waves of migrants that sweep across the continent from the ports of this country do not seem to be facing reality .

First blind spot of this conference: Libya is dead. Nobody will resurrect it. Its time is over. Like most countries of colonization, it is composed of several peoples who are not ready to (re) live together until all of them have built their own sovereign state. Thus, the Amazighs of At Willul (Zwara) and Infusen (Nefoussa), the Ghazaouis, the Gadafi, theTuareg and the Toubous are distinct peoples who all aspire to a recognized international existence. If, one day, their common interest dictated them to form together a federation, they would come there by their own free will and not by an external injunction. No one can impose on them today a solution other than that of the right of peoples to self-determination.

Second blind spot: The invitation to this conference limited to two actors only, Serraj and Haftar can not bring peace. These two protagonists are fighting for a new dictatorial power over Libya.

But the Berbers of Zwara and Nefoussa (10% of the population) are armed and already have their own institutions like the Supreme Council of Amazighs. No solution other than their separate State can suit them.

The Tuaregs in the far west are a people shared by Libya, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Algeria.

The Toubous (extreme south) are the masters of the Aouzou band.

Whatever the results of this meeting in Palermo, Europe is not even close to end the instability in the former Libya.

The right of peoples to self-determination remains the only way for freedom, democracy and international cooperation in peace for all. Kabylia, who claims it for itself, feels it is its duty to share it with all the people who deserve it.

Exile, November 12, 2018

Ferhat Mehenni
President of the Kabyle Provisional Government in Exile (Anavad)

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