Humanity is now divided

In the case of Asia Bibi, the sideal silence of the Norwegian left usually so quick to defend the Hamas terrorists in the name of humanist values, even to charter a boat for Gaza

By Pr D. Belhassen
Humanity is now divided

The allegiances and lines of demarcation of yesteryear have become obsolete.
We must not be mistaken. All that, which for centuries has been believed to be solid allegiances, collapses!

Today, the only line of demarcation that makes sense is the line between “anti-Islam and” pro-Islam”. This line crosses people, ethnicities, skincolour, nations, states, ideologies, political parties, theologies, beliefs, religions, cultures, languages, economies, geography, borders , social classes, gender, etc. In a word: this line crosses everything!

Thus, we will see a multitude of combinations, for instance: Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Shintuists, Buddhists anti-Islam and pro-Islam; atheists and anti-agnostics and pro-Islam; anti and pro-islam communists; anti and pro-Islam capitalists; anti and pro-islam ecologists; anti and pro-islam governments; anti and pro-islam skin whites; black skin anti and pro-islam; anti and pro-islam women; anti and pro-islam heterosexuals; and even – strange as it may seem – anti and pro-Islam gays (which is represented by the queer community in the US who claimed after the Orlando bombings and while the corpses were still warm: “This is not Islam, Islam is a religion of peace “).
Islam has thus managed this tour de force to create a line of demarcation, now impassable and unavoidable, which even splits families, brothers, sisters, parents, children etc … We can only be anti-islam or pro-islam! Nothing in between!
This is exactly what was planned in the book of manuscripts of the “Dead Sea” in Israel, which is called “the fight of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness”.
Who is not for the anti-Islam Sons of light, is for the pro-Islam sons of darkness!
And that’s exactly what Yeshua-Jesus said: “He who is not with me is against me!”
This eschatological fight that fractures humanity will soon burst into the open, all over the world! Let’s be aware and vigilant!

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