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Instead of refusing the advent of palm trees, they justify the presence of olive trees

Intellectuals, religious and other Algerian journalists ostensibly assume their ideological crucible, which is exclusively Arab-Islam of Algeria. Chouchan, Osama Wahid, Nour-Eddine Khettal and many others echoed the Algerian people. They faithfully reflect their hatred of all that represents Kabylie and its execration of all that is Kabylia.
Fatwas condemning some of our illustrious men to death through the demonization of  others, even those who are no longer among us, to this frankly incitement blood bath and destruction, once again for all eternal impulses of rebellion in Kabylia.
The Kabyle intelligentsia remained apathetic, wallowing in its long-standing chimeras: the inexistent national unity and the hopes of democratization of the Algerians. The latter refuse to become “us” and we refuse to be “them”. Nevertheless, the Algerians does not tolerate that we are “us”, by refusing a separation amicably. They do not want us to be us anymore.
The Kabyle “elites” show a dramatic incapacity to assume their Kabylity, even in a timidly matter. It must be said that the sixty-years of deadly concessions and bewilderment in the labyrinths without an exit, that is Berberism, have hitherto, hindered the emergence of a Kabylian national consciousness, at least until the year of 2001.
Indeed, we cannot imagine that an algerianist political or intellectual Kabyle leader, even the moust obstainate, could openly call for an Algerie-Berber state, even though this is impossible to build without exluding the Arabo-Muslim component, or to encouragement for a massacre of the Arabo-muslim-Baathists on the pretext of intelligence and acquaintance with the East. It’s simply inconceivable, unimaginable.
Kabylia, in its struggle for existence with Algerian Arab-Islamism, has always been in search of compromise. Its struggles directed sincerely towards coexistence and living together. Not once in denial of the “other”. Kabylia has never understood that the battle in which it was engaged, was a fight to the death. Multiple events  should have eradicated from the softening angelism that enveloped it.
Our enemies are diehard ultra-nationalists, hard-line Arab-Islamists, and even murderers of the worst kind; our elites, the sixty-eight generation, are without knowledge, they’re spineless multiculturalist humanists. Instead of questioning the unjustified events of the advent of palms, that break the harmony of Kabylias landscapes, they try to justify the presence of thousands of years old olive trees in Kabylia.
At the dawn of a certain upheaval, the opposing camp tightens the ranks. The sacred union being done naturally when it comes to fighting the Kabyles; Islamists and government join hands in the cynical plan to annihilate once and for all the desires for rebellion in Kabylia. Meanwhile, it is the traditional disunity that prevails in our camp, each of them bawling in its corner, in a tragic cacophony.
To dare liberty and independence, or to disappear, is the choice that is imposed on Kabylia; Lwennas dixit ” Today is surrender, I’m sure you do not agree … so it’s the resistance! ”


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