Democracy: The Kabyle values

It has existed for many centuries, the saying “of the people, for the people, the order without power”. Where society is based on human values, libertarians, without domination, where emancipated and equal men cooperate freely.

Individual freedoms would form the basis of social organization and economic and political relations. In fact, freedom offers man the opportunity to realize himself fully and to reach his full potential. A society can only be completely free if the society consists of free individuals. Our society refuses all dogmatism and puts forward the autonomy of the moral conscience, beyond the notions of good and evil defined by any institution or “dominant thought”. Man must be free to self-determine and express himself.

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  • Ferhat Mehenni:”Kabylia has been secular for centuries, its secularism is neither the result of a violent Turkish decision nor of a French law, it is simply cultural and meets the need for freedom of each individual and each village, but also to the necessary solidarity among all its citizens. “

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