Celebrating Berber New Year Yennayer, Algeria plans to sabotage it

By Arraw n Tlelli

The Algerian colonial power is preparing an intelligent attack on the Kabyle who march for their New Years celebration. The Algerian police, who will be helped by the Arabic-speaking criminals, who will be dispatched from other regions, will proceed against a march and they will attack the Kabyle protesters. They will pretend to be Kabyles who are against the independence of Kabylia.

They are planning on creating a false conflict, which will be viewed by the rest of the world as a conflict between the Kabyles. While on the other hand, we, the Kabyle people, are peaceful and democratic people. Among us, those who are for independence respect those who are against independence, and those who are against indepencence respect those who are for.

Do not fall into the trap; violence and manipulation are the only weapons of this fascist power.

We are asking the Kabyles police to sabotage this Machiavellian plan, and to defend their brothers and sisters and not accept such a criminal scenario. As well, we are also counting on you to defeat this evil plan.

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