Algeria: Third World countries. Underdeveloped.

Algeria: Third World countries. Underdeveloped.

Political power is gangrene by corruption. Local officials, all predators. Tailbone political opposition, justifies somehow the subsidies which the regime sprikled over them. Society perverted, violent, archaic, disorganized, as predatory. The dictatorship is at the same time exercised by the political regime on the society and by the people themselves, on themselves. It is the role of Islamism, assumed and carried by almost all the people.
Countries under petrol infusion without political program, without social project, without values, without plan of economic development. To occupy their time, the leaders do in the popular unrest, squarely in the verbose and harmful agitation against France, against the harki, against the Kabylians, against the bi-nationals, against the Christians evangelists, against the women, against the Jews, against …. The only thing for which everyone is for, remains Islamism. Society surviving only if its hatred of the other is constantly nourished.I could have summed up by simply writing: Algeria, Muslim country.

Everyone knows what it is, starting of course with the Algerians. champion of hypocrisy!

Having nothing more to break in this country, nothing to destroy, nothing to vandalize, nothing to appropriate indecently, the hordes of well prepared young people and trained to create burnt land, will give their last shirt for a visa. Another land to burn, to sterilize.

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