Muslim terrorists are a weapon of mass destruction at the service of NATO

Erdogan’s Turkey has just received 3 billion euros from the EU to take care of Syrian refugees.This is how the billions paid by the European Union to the Islamist fascist Erdogan are used !

This is how this criminal « remote » these poor Syrian refugees who have never asked neither Europe, the UN nor anyone to come and put their country to fire and blood!

Do not come and tell us that Bashar El Assad is a criminal, because they are all criminal, starting with those who foment atrocious wars for oildukes and pipelines and those who created the Daesh, the Djabhat El Nosra , AQIM, Al Qaeda etc …. Islamic terrorism is so practical…. It is a weapon of mass destruction even worse than all atomic bombs together.

What a world !

The video showing the Turkish army treating Syrian refugees like animals was deleted, censored, by face book. A media that has become an armed arm of the war machine that is NATO

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