Algeria does not bother anyone.

Algeria Exports and foreign trade excluding hydrocarbons: none

* Economic Power: zero
* Political Power: zero
* Military power: zero
* Strategic Power: zero
* Culture: zero
* Arts: none
* Exports and foreign trade excluding hydrocarbons: none
* Science and Technology: zero

Citizens of neighboring countries (Morocco,Tunisia) do not rush to settle in Algeria, work and live there. They do not even rush to visit this unattractive country.

Algeria is not in a simple slump, but in deep shit since independence and for many centuries, if one believes that this country has existed before. Outside the Mediterranean, Algeria says nothing to anyone and very few people are able to locate it on the map. At first I thought that the people of these remote countries were stupid and uneducated because they did not know where Algeria was. I later discovered that I myself am unable to locate exactly where Botswana is on the map of my continent, Africa.

This is because Botswana is a small insignificant country that has no reason to catch my attention. It’s the same for the average North European who knows nothing about Algeria.

It is called an underdeveloped country. A country without human resources, without economic resources, without political resources and without cultural resources. People around the wold only talk about this country when there is a civil war or the massacres, an election tainted by fraud or a demonstration that results in deaths, not otherwise.

A country under oil infusion who expect that the serum bag hanging from the bed is empty to convulse and die on its deathbed after horrific civil wars (the 200,000 victims after FIS will only be trifles). Morocco and Tunisia have a much better chance to survive than Algeria.

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