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Usurpation of history by France


Banquet of Cupid and Psyche from “Metamorphoses” of Apuleius, a berber writer and berber history !



The West is built with the Berbers and should be with them. From Charlemagne to Napoleon and De Gaulle to Holland, French policy has not only been the same but genocide for Kabyle and Berbers in general. The Berbers are, culturally, historically and geographically, a people of the West to which the West has turned its back by ingratitude, ignorance, cowardice and jealousy. Today, the majority of europeans intellectuals and academics sometimes ignore our existence, not knowing that by ignoring us, they totally ignore the history of Europe, the history of Christianity and its history shortly. In their heads, the Algerian is an Arab and North Africa (Tamazgha) is an Arab Maghreb. It makes you want to vomit.
The history of North Africa, we need to tear pan by pan from the clutches of Francarabia. If we recover the history of these Christian martyrs that all believe they are French, while a large part of the European and Tamazgha  history will be restored: Adrien (adrian of canterbury), Alexandre, Anastase, Arcade, Augustin, Aurele… Cassien, Célestin,Cécilienne, Cler, Commode, Constantin, Corneille, Cyprien… Damien… Émilien, Eugène… Félix, Fidèle, Flavien, Florent, Fortunat, Fulgence… Gelase, Germaine… Hermès… Janvier, Jules, Just, Justine… Laurent, Macarie, Marcel, Marcelin, Marcienne, Martial, Maxime, Miltiade. Monique… Octavien… Paulin… Saturnin, Sévère, Séverin… Tertullien, Théodore, Théodule, Thimotée, Valérien, Victor, Victorin, Vincent.,Zenon

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