The Kabylian hope for the Amazigh states in North Africa

By Fikri El Azrak

6509107-9817979The independence of Kabylia is underway in spite of all the repression of Algiers military regime, and all its conspiracies against the Kabylian resistant people.

This is the conclusion I keep further to the mobilization continuation of the Kabylian people directed by the MAK in the field, and to the actions of the Provisional Government of Kabylia, mainly the last events occurred in the Kabylian anger wave against the representatives of the murderer regime during the election campaign. This free people still resists in order to develop his own governance system which will be defined by the Kabyilans themselves without any foreign intervention.

He resists in spite of all the conspiracies practiced by the Algiers murderer government against his right. He moves forward in his approaches for the decolonization of Kabylia in spite of all the obstacles. In comparison with the other amazigh peoples of north Africa, the Kabylians went beyond the protest language, and started to make action instead of waiting the reactions on others actions.

However, some amazigh movements in Morocco who refuse till today the independence or the self-determination idea, unfortunately protect the political frontiers of the colonial states created by the colonial France in the middle of the last century further to the negotiations hold on the dead bodies of the liberation wars martyrs.

Those who keep these ideas, unfortunately use a slogan which has nothing to do with the reality : «the unity is strength », and forget at the same time that the unity cannot be with the murderer enemy, based on the frontiers drawn by the settlers in complicity with the traitors of the revolution who took the power. They forget that the unity which is strength cannot be under the arab muslim regimes which kill, starve, keep away, imprison, etc. the free amazigh. They forget the unity cannot be without national liberation projects of each Amazigh people of North Africa, without free and independent amazigh governments.

The decolonization of an amazigh country and the creation of an amazigh modern state will be in favor of all Tamazgha peoples and this will be a good liberation example that the other peoples can follow in order to free the other amazigh countries ; mainly in the context of the current political climate at international level.

Kabylia has always been the example for the amazigh struggle in the North Africa. Always ahead in comparison with others. So, can she create another example of an independent modern state, which will be the hope of all peoples of North Africa? Kabylia, Rif… and the other amazigh countries will then develop the Union of free Amazigh States in North Africa?

Note: Further to the last events that Kabylia lived, of which the Kabylian activists arrests. I express on my own behalf and on behalf of the Riffian Republican groups our unconditional solidarity with our Kabylian brothers.

Translated into English by Muhend Arezqi

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