The Kabyle people is more than 9000 years old!

Petroglyphs Azru n Tamart, Taqbaylit (Kabylia)

Petroglyphs Azru n Tamart, Taqbaylit (Kabylia)

A sensational archaeological discovery has dramatically demonstrate that the Kabyle people has lived in today’s Kabylia for more than 9000 years ago, to say the least!

Indeed, an important archaeological discovery of a site containing petroglyphs (incised on rock faces) dating back to the protohistoric period has just been updated in Azru n Tamart.

If Prehistory has been defined by experts as the time period between the onset of Humanity and the appearance of the first written documents, then so is it with protohistory. It does includes the Neolithic (7 000-6 500 BC.), and  iron age for the populations without proved writing systems.

This remarkable discovery will certainly Date! Because it confirms the specialists certainty that Kabylia and thus Tamazgha (north africa) has always been a territory inhabited by Proto-Berbers. It follows that the ancestors of the Kabyle people did not come from somewere to settle in Kabylia, as many anthropologists researchers has fabulated about. The Kabyles ancestors have always been just there! And they have been there for 9000 years at least, as demonstrated by this undeniable archaeological evidence.

This important archaeological site for the History of Kabylia and Tamazgha or even humanity in general, should be declared a national historical heritage of great value for the Kabyle nation and for humanity as a whole. It should therefore require, especially from the (stateless) Kabyle people, a lot of care for its preservation, protection and recovery, until Kabylia has a State with adequate institutions.

Dahmane At Ali | Pisa June 7, 2014

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