The Kabyle and their Pope Gelasius at the origin of the Valentine day

Valentine's day

Valentine’s day

Amenzu tefsoutt, the first days of spring, is originally a pagan celebration of fertility. They say that in the past couple went to the fields to make love, while the grass was not yet high. With the advent of muzzlimun was tradition lost in qalmun (rules) to the marabout (a muslim sect) and Koranic prohibition. But the tradition has survived in another form: people go out to roll in the grass, harvest edible plants for aderyes-meal. The plant adreyes are hallucinogenic but also stimulates ovulation in women and spermatogenesis in men and libido in both sexes, and therefore promotes fertility of the couple. The plant is used in a meal called ameqful (steamed couscous) in many regions.Because of the new morality was fertility ceremony changed: From love while they rolled in the grass, went young men and women over to rolling in the grass while they yell “wake up, bodies” to get out of the hibernation and stretch their all part of the bodies (except one … ..!).


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