The demoncracy according to Hifad is when…


The demoncracy, is when a king or a president makes beautiful speeches to lull the vigilance of the people and orders his ministers, and the latter to their subordinates, to do the exact opposite of what they say in public.

The demoncracy, is when a whole people votes « no » and announces the victory of the « yes » to 99, 99%.

The demoncracy, is when the majority of the people has an identity, a language, a history, a civilization, a philosophy, a vision of beings and things, a spirituality and beliefs at the antipodes of those of the minority put in power by enemy foreign forces.

Demoncracy, is the fiction of Western democracy, a supra dictatorship nourished by a myriad of small dictatorships imposed by them on so-called third world countries.

The demoncracy, is the official media of each country, headed by those of the great power and who can make the murder of a single man a crime against humanity and ignore a terrible war where thousands of men find death, to safeguard the interests of rich countries and the international financial mafia.

The demoncracy, is the sharing of the riches of the earth between the great powers and the international financial mafia, while making the people of the whole world believe that there is the UN to settle the conflicts between the countries and to make international law respected.

The demoncracy, is when fools have all the doors open in front of them and the real thinkers remain unknown and have all the doors closed in front of them, not only in our banana dictatorships, but also in the West where everything is controlled in same way, despite appearances.

The demoncracy, is when a king and a president are the spokesmen of prophets and gods.

The demoncracy, it will perhaps be the title of my next book…
By Mohamed Hifad.

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