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Slimane Bouhafs: “This homeland of St. Augustine is not yours!”

Kabylian man Slimane Bouhafs, a father and a Christian once jailed by the Algerian justice for his belief , returns in a post on social networks wherein he denounces the justice system of the Algerian colonial state.
Slimane Bouhafs: “This homeland of St. Augustine is not yours!”
Posted on Facebook, this message contains Slimane Bouhafs’ review of his 20 months of detention, and modestly evokes his suffering.
“Good evening, greatings to all of you. I am Slimane Bouhafs and I was detained for 20 months because of my Christian belief.
I suffered greatly. I was oppressed. I was insulted. I was deprived of the diet that was prescribed to me. I slept on the floor, with simple cardboard as my bedding. I was intoxicated, which led to an eight-day hospitalization. I can not tell everything.
Currently, my salary is being blocked. I do not know what this system wants me. If you want to kill me then do it. Already that’s what you do by depriving me of resources. But I will not stop my fight. The fight goes on.
This homeland is that of St. Augustine. It is not yours. It’s that of Massinissa, Jugurtha and Dahiya, it’s not yours.
I can say it, I am Kabyle, Amazigh, son of Saint Augustine. I am, I will be and I will remain so once I am dead.
My hope, my concluding word, I hope that this message will be translated from Kabyle to all the languages of the world to express the state of oppression in which Christians find themselves. They seal our churches, threaten our pastors and try to corrupt them. Please stop all this.
All laws proscribe to starve people. You, my children, are being starved. It is not right. Imagine if Europe were to deprive Muslims of resources until they convert to Christianity, become secular or atheist, what would you do? Would you say it’s legal?
This is a very serious aggression. An aggression like the one suffered by Touati Merzoug, who is incarcerated. Poor Merzouk, who is languishing in prison accused of spying, earned his living as a laborer. What intelligence could he deliver? Your accusations are foolish.
We really do not have justice, we do not have justice. If we had justice, there would not be all this arbitrariness. I leave you in peace. Thank you very much, goodbye.”


    • I am not the inventor of the word. This is how the Kabyle people are designated in the English language. Each people has different ways of being expressed according to language. A Spanish, a German, a Danish, etc … Why would it be only the term Kabylian which must be fixed to a single expression, which is that of the French language?

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