Oyé Oyé Kabylia qualified for World Cup football ConIFA 2018

On Saturday evening, August 2, 2017, ConIFA officially announced the list of the 16 national teams who have passed their qualifications for the finals of the next Football World Cup, which is to be held in London from May 31st to June 10th, 2018.

Another achievement for the people and the Kabyle nation, after its hymn, its flag, its diplomatic representatives throughout the world, its current Parliament, etc., has now been made: Kabylia will be represented by its own children, who is proud of their Kabyle affiliation, their Mediterranean and their African ethnicity, among the other nations of the world.

Thus, less than three months after their admission to the International Confederation of Football Associations (ConIFA), this FIFA alternative to the Stateless Nations, the Kabyle national team snatched one of the two tickets reserved for representatives of the African continent.

With the qualifying deadline set for August 31st 2017, ConIFA started the publication of the first four qualifying teams on Friday September 1st between 18 and 22 hours GMT-1, with one team per hour.

On Saturday, September 2nd, the list of the 12 remaining teams will be announced between 10 and 22 o’clock, continuously one team per hour. Kabylia’s turn will be between 18 and 19 hours GMT-1 (the local time in Kabylia, corresponding to the 19/20 hours in France).

Of the 16 qualified among the 47 members representing the 6 continents, six were qualified ex officio:
Barawa, the host of the 2018 World Cup
Abkhazia, world champion 2016
Northern Cyprus, vice-champion of the 2017 European Cup
The Padman, champion of the 2017 European Cup
The Tamil Eelam, winner of the Challenger Cup 2016 on 13/03/2016
Upper Hungary (Felvidek), winner of the Hungarian Heritage Cup 2016 on 03/08/2016
Four others received a Wild Card invitation following a unanimous vote by the Executive Committee of ConIFA:
Western Armenia
Kiribati (representing Oceania)

Cascadia (representing North America)
To follow the news of the Kabyle national team #ENKabyle which will not fail to be loaded with a campaign of all-round recruitment, go to the official page of the Kabylia Football Association @KabyliaFA as well as on their official Twitter account @KabyliaFA

See you in London in 2018


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