Launch of an inter-mosque football cup in Algeria

ALGÉRIA (Tamurt)The Islamists also want to embark on football. The Algerian Arabic press reported this week that an inter-mosque soccer Algeria Cup will soon be launched. “3088 mosques have already announced their participation in this national competition,” reads an Algerian newspaper. “The preparations are going well,” the paper adds.

A first in the “Muslim world”. The documents of this competition, which requires substantial material and human resources, is in the hands of the Minister of Youth and Sports, who is none other than the former RCD executive, El Hadi Ould Ali. The same newspaper says that the Ministry of Religious Affairs is behind this proposal and intends to collaborate for the launch of this national and official competition.

The regime, knowing the attachment of the Algerians to the round ball, wants, through this initiative, to even Islamize football. No such competition exists in the world. Places of worship, even in the Islamic republics, never meddle with sport. It should be noted that since the advent of Bouteflika to the presidency, the number of mosques has tripled.

Ravah Amokrane

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