Kabylia: Gathering for freedom of conscience took place this morning

At the call of the collective “Yal Yiwen Yiman i-is” gathering for the freedom of conscience was arranged todayJuly 311am to Matoub place Tizi Ouzou. Throughthis action, the participants denounced the persecution of non-fasting during the month of Ramadan and defended the right to difference as one of the basic rights of human rights.

At 11:00 this morning, dozens of citizens were present at the meeting. Despite the presence of some thugs sent by the intelligence services to disrupt the smooth running of the gathering the action took place peacefully. The civilized and sophisticated people, the participants took the pitch and did not respond to provocations and insults astray handled and subcontracted by the Algiers racist regime to undermine the secular character of the Kabyle society. On site, outside activists MAK, other Kabyle political organizations who have contracted alliances against nature with Islamo-terrorists FIS and MSP, showed off with their absence. Bouaziz Ait Chebib Samia Talbi, Hashim Mohand Ouamer, Hocine Azem Gherab Abdellah, have succeeded to recall the need to defend secularism, freedom of conscience and freedom of worship as a condition sine qua-non-development of sosiety: A sosiety that does not respect these fundamental freedom is doomed to regression “, they insisted. For the speakers the Algerian state is an Islamic state characterizes of failure, intolerance and regression in all its forms. They claimed: “Kabylia has no choice but to dispose of itself.” It should be noted that the pseudo-Arabic tv channels: El Bilad, Echourouq, Ennahar were prevented by the participants to film the event. “The anti-Kabyle tv are not welcome in Kabylia,” said one participant. At noon, the crowd dispersed in calm and serenity. To recap, the gathering was dedicated to Katia Bengana, a schoolgirl murdered by Islamic terrorists at the age of 17 years for refusing to wear the veil.

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