Several arbitrary arrests of pro-independence Kabyle militants throughout Kabyle territory, villages and towns are being closed by the Algerian colonial police and gendarmerie.
Hesnawa University in Tizi-Wezzu is surrounded by contingents of police, in uniform, in plainclothes, squatting in front of the portal where a unitary Kabyle meeting at the call of MAK, URK, CMA and CKMKDH, was supposed to be organized. Wednesday 11/09/2019 at 11am.
Early this morning, the city of Tizi Wezzu was peppered with policemen, armored vans parked at the top of the Tower, the Repression Brigade was making rounds between Bastos and Hesnawa.
As well, dams were installed in Boghni and Iwadiyen.
Buses for students to their university were thoroughly searched outside of Iɛeẓẓugen.

Already yesterday evening, around 10P.M., the policemen lurking around the university kidnapped several activists including Lounis ath si Said, the the president of the MAK Univercity Coordination in Tizi Wezzu, Ameghnas Aqvayli and Ammar At Challal who was savagely lynched by the Algerian police. The representatives of the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK), the Union for a Kabyle Republic and the Amazigh World Congress as well as the Kabyles Activists’ Collective for the Defense of Human Rights, decided to organize this unitary rally today in Tizi Wezzu.

Libérez Bouaziz Ait-Chebib ulac khawa khawa.Nous exigeons la libération immédiate de tous les militants kabyles indépendantistes interpellés hier et aujourd'hui !

Publiée par Les bâtisseurs de la Kabylie avec Bouaziz Aït-Chebib sur Mercredi 11 septembre 2019

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