Censorship at Oslo world music festival


They did it again!

As every year Oslo organizes its World Music Festival with a theme. The festival is supposed to be a sign of international solidarity. Two years ago I was at the Nobel peace center that organized a conference which accompanies this festival. That year was the theme music that awakening means and tools of political and identity awareness.

This year’s theme is music that has been censored. One of the artists participating this year was a Norwegian (Moddi), which has released a CD of banned songs, among which was a song of the kabyle poet Matoub Lounes who was killed by Algerian muslim arabic colonists for his work and his efforts to arouse his people.

Therefore, I decided to attend the conference, which also this year was held at the Peace Center. When I got there I saw the program and the names of the participants. Surprise! Again, like last year, the year before and probably next year too, there are Arabs who are in the center of the theme. The Norwegian political correctness managed once again to present them as victims. A people who dedicate their existence to the destruction of other peoples!

The whole approach revolves around the same: Some of South Africa (which has expired), and Arabs in general and Palestine in particular. The whole festival was characterized by presenting Israel as the bad wolf censoring those poor Arabs. Folk groups to the censored artists, to those who are killed are not mentioned with a single word. Organizers of the festival manages to produce a criminal people as a victim, while concealing the victim’s existence. For the Norwegian politically correct is never going to mention the Arabs as colonists, as they are in reality, with the help of Western powers.

This year, I did not grab the word, as I did two years ago. I get so tired of this hypocrisy, the same false humanism that really is hatred covered as an act of solidarity. So I preferred to leave while they continued to enjoy themselves with lies.

The theme this year was censorship. And the organizers, led by chairpersons Liv Tørres and Ole Reitov contributes in the highest degree in their own way to censor! It is paradoxical to prepare those who practice censorship as victims and victims as executioners, like MalcomX’ve said it before.

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