Arrest of MAK’s executives: Reaction of Ferhat Mehenni

ferhat.jpgThe cycle of arbitrary arrests by Algerian colonial junta continues in Kabylia.

It is a true police harassment exercised over the Kabyle political activists. The grassroots and executives are permanent victims of surveillance and repression by the Algerian services.

Friday morning (07.29.2016) no fewer than four MAK (Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia) officials were arrested in the Ouadhias, included their President, Mr. Bouaziz Ait Chebbib.

Were also arrested at the same time in the same locality MM. Hocine Azem, Agawa At Qasi, Kader Ould Abdeslam and Moh At Hemsi.
The city’s most zealous commissioner among his colleagues. Two years ago, he paid thugs to whom he had provided the judicial impunity for assaulting Kabyle nationalists who were trying to animate a meeting on site.

What would these arrests mean?

This is in fact a judicial supervision of the MAK activists.
The President of the Anavad strongly condemns these practices and demands the immediate and unconditional release of detained activists and leaders

It also requires the termination of this repression.

It calls on international bodies to intervene to uphold human rights and democratic freedoms by the Algerian regime which treats the Kabyle people in enemy and to whom they behave as colonialists.


Siwel 291222 JUN 16

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