Algerian colonialism in Kabylia


The arab occupation forces fired on young Kabylians

Algeria, officially an Arab and Islamic country, conducts a real colonization activity of Kabyle people, who have been imprisoned in their own country. People are asked to assimilate and subjecting themselves to a single political-religious system that is both Arab nationalist and sectarian Islamist. The state of Algeria has implemented a program of cultural genocide and apartheid language since independence in 1962. The kabylian, showing a modest resistance to their assimilation, are oppressed, tortured and often killed.

The Kabylian people are suffering an extreme suppression from a people that is totally foreign to them and are using all means to erase the kabylian language, make their culture poor, erase the collective memory, falsify history and force them to assimilate as soon as possible. Terrorism has been operated and locked into Kabylia, so they can ravage as pests. Investors are fleeing from Kabylia. A tacit curfew required starting at 21 pm in the summer and from17pm in the winter.The Kabylian elite is threatened, standardized, shorted or purchased by official institutions that use religion, economics, education and politics to surround and strangle the Kabyle society. This colonization, which takes place openly, are not condemned by any country in the West. All are hiding behind non-interference in Algeria’s internal affairs. If political assassinations, executions of peaceful protesters, detention of dissidents and journalists are the internal affairs of a country, then concepts such as human rights and peoples rights only nonsense and beautiful words.

Kabylia will win!

Long live the Kabylyan people!


  • July 5, day of the pseudo independence of Algeria. Thousands of Kabyle widows and orphans mourned the deaths of their husbands, sons and parents during the 7-year war. Algerians savored a victory to which they did not contribute.

  • After the fierce crackdown in two Kabyle towns, in Tichy and Djaafra, where dozens of citizens were shot by the Algerian police, it was the turn of the day. Akbou city to be the arena of a brutal repression against the MAK. Fifty activists were arbitrarily arrested, but released by a strong mobilization of activists, activists and citizens. It is an open secret that it is precisely Kabylia that is targeted by the Algerian regime in bad shape.

    Straightforwardly, I salute the courage and bravery of all those who braved the police arsenal, and indeed responded to the call of the local Mak Aqvu coordination to support and demand the release inmates Kabyle and Amazigh flags. I would also like to express my full, unconditional and full support for those who have suffered unscrupulous physical violence by the Algerian police against peaceful, civilized and disarmed militants.

    Thus, it is obvious to say that throughout history, no force, whatever it was could prevent a people to seize the torch of the freedom, when the latter would want it. “Politics is the war of the civilized. War is the policy of the barbarians. “F.Mehenni

    More than ever convinced that the only salutary alternative for Kabylia resides, undoubtedly, in its political independence. In this spirit of definitively freeing oneself from the guardianship of Arab-Islamic Algeria, the MAK-Anavad serenely continues the construction enterprise of a Kabyle State. That said, little by little, to the fulfillment of the historical requirement of covering the sovereignty of Kabylia.

    Moreover, the political and peaceful struggle adopted by our movement, even if it does not seem to dissuade the Algerian repressive machine against and against our militants, more than ever determined to pursue peacefully the noble fight for the freedom and the dignity of our people, the determination and desire for freedom will prevail sooner or later. If fraternity and solidarity are in place. Whatever the stakes, Kabylia will never give up, it will always go in the direction of its liberation.

    Long live the free and independent Kabylia, that live the militants of MAK-Anavad.

    Hanafi FERHOUH, charged with the organic movement for the self-determination of Kabylie Mak.

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