Algeria sends military convoys to vote in Kabylia

In the last 48 hours, convoys of gendarmes, soldiers and buses full of civilians from Algeria are sent to Kabylie. The reason is to vote in schools to counter the abstention of the Kabylian cities Tizi Wezzu, Vgayet, Boumerdes.

Practically, in all the cities of Kabylia, convoys with hundreds of foreigners have already voted and been filmed. Images that will be shown on the day of the vote to make the national and international opinion believe that some of the Kabyles voted. In Tizi Wezzu City, thousands of citizens held a rally in front of Stambouli High School, where hundreds of military uniforms voted.

If in the most remote villages and localities the Kabylian citizens are in control of the situation and the Algerian authority has not even been able to put its ballot box in place in the polling stations. In the big cities, the military has intervened by force to impose the vote or vote in the place of the civilians. The military is not content to vote, but also to provoke the population and riots, as was the case in Naceria.

The situation is serious in Kabylia and the risk of soldiers provoking carnage is not to be ruled out. A climate of violence reigns in Kabylia these last days. The Kabyles reject the military authority and everything that symbolizes the Algerian colonialism in Kabylia.

Algérie envoi de convois militaires pour voter en Kabylie

The video shows Algerian soldiers provoking the Kabyle population

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    By CLKI – Free Columnists of Independent Kabylia

    So disturbing and dangerous as the current events for Kabylia are. Hatred, racism, threat, genocidal propaganda, military encirclement, finally the whole panoply of exclusion and blacklisting of the Kabyle, in total impunity, all crowned by the refusal of elections by the Kabyle, demonstrate by themselves, if doubts could still persist among some, that Kabylia is not part of Algeria.

    The thugs of the Algerian “State”, after having ruined this country by theft, corruption, manipulated religious facts and Islamist terrorism to the point of causing a decade as deadly as the colonial seven-year period, sold this month in jewelry of the family, Sonatrach and his oil, drenched in drug trafficking, sink and with them what remains of this country, but this time, in the dangerous domain of ethnic manipulation.

    After Taghardayt (Ghardaïa) in 2013 and its ethnic manipulation, Arab Châambas aggressors of the Mozabites, which ended in around forty dead and hundreds of wounded among them and where the drama can be renewed at the first spark, it is the turn of Kabylia to be targeted.
    Acute economic and political crisis.
    In a scenario worthy of Germany in the late 20s, defeated militarily and devastated by the economic crisis in the wake of the American stock market crash of 29, which saw narrow nationalism, Hitler’s genocidaire find a scapegoat for all its problems, in this case the Jew, the military junta found in Kabyle and Kabylia its outlet, its expiatory victim.

    The Jew, traitor, cause of the military defeat 14/18, responsible for the economic crisis, the black market, the prostitution of the German women, gold traffic etc … comes to replace him in the Algerian state, ruined , the Kabyle, the Zouaf responsible for the political crisis, his allegiance to France, his siphoning oligarchs of the oil rent, his separatists dividing the people, his Berberists imposing a Tamazight rival of the Arab and height of indignity potential bomber etc …

    The enemy from the inside
    In this wasted country, seized by a multidimensional crisis whose acute points, economy, politics and especially the salient point of identity, the temptation of ease quickly found its manager, his scapegoat.
    As far back as in history, all societies in crisis have fabricated their internal enemy and conceptualized their racism and their systemic discrimination, heavy with consequences for the peoples or the minority faiths within them. Pogroms, genocides, autodafés.
    The dog kicks on the boot.

    Treacherous politicians, lying journalists, propagandist televisions, shady preachers, fundamentalist imams, uncultivated, “organic Zintellos” on duty, blogger trolls, hostage indicators, repentant terrorists on duty, in short all the foul smells that even plague international opinion and whose parodies of purifying trials in progress give the dimension of a rotten, criminal sixty-year-old system, are put to contribution for the dirty work of propaganda which condemns the victims, here the Zouafs, to abominable designs.

    A worn technique.
    Failing to face the fireball of the anger of the Algerians, to assume and to recognize its serious faults which led this country to the ruin and the laughing stock of the world, this junta of patent thugs tries to divert this ire for direct it on the Zouaf.

    At a time when information becomes planetary in the seconds which follow its expression and its dissemination, the worn-out lies launched by the engineered, systemic and conceptualized propaganda of power, explode into fragments of absolute truths in fragile minds, without capacity to analysis and criticism, formatted by the Arab-Islamic ideology relayed by the Benbouzid school.

    Iniquitous propaganda.
    The MAK, Movement for the Self-determination of Kabylia, to understand the Kabyles, would be financed in their political opposition and/or in their independence demand, by France, Morocco, the USA and worse by Israel, the enemy of Muslims and Arabs. The Palestinian flag waved in the steps is there to remind that the Algerians are faithful to El Qods, the supreme Arab-Islamic cause, Jerusalem the original Jew, the Hebrew millennium.
    Through MAK, the whole of Kabylia is targeted. The Zouafs would like to declare war on Algeria and to try with their democracy and their secularism to the Arab-Islamic customs. Even the questions of society which are subject to debate and controversies in Western democracies, such as marriage for all, homosexuality, the place of women … in short taboo subjects, social ills and deviances in the Arab-Islamic countries, are tares put joined to the Kabyles to designate them with hatred and vindictiveness and this without forgetting the accusation of terrorism by the pseudo constitution of armed militias after the call of London by Ferhat Mehenni. The list is long and not exhaustive of lies carried on the backs of Zouafs.

    The danger of trivialization
    Sectarian and selective human rights, anxious to avoid being at odds with their collaborationist policy with the Arab-Islamic ideology under the appearances of opposition to these thugs, adopt the policy ostrich. The systematic stigmatization of the Kabyles would be cyclical according to them.

    The trivialization of this conspiracy theory is fraught with genocidal dangers.

    The Syrian drama.
    Without delving into the identical tragedies that have occurred in history, that of the Sunni population of Syria, which takes place so far before our eyes should serve as a lesson, especially when the tyrant, Bashar Assad, the criminal, says the chemical, is supported in his crime by the … Algerian military junta who shares with him the Arab-Islamic fascist ideology with his during Baathism.

    From 22 million inhabitants in March 2011, the Syrian population rose to 11 million, hundreds of thousands of dead, others reported missing or exiled and the drama is still in progress.

    Fear bad counselor
    Weakened by the protest movement, seized with panic and fright at the idea of ​​losing Kabylia, its hydraulic, tourist, fishing wealth … and especially its geostrategic opening on the Mediterranean, the junta strengthens its military encirclement, in the image of the Challe plan of sad memory.

    So disturbing and dangerous as the current events for Kabylia are. Hatred, racism, threat, genocidal propaganda, military encirclement, finally the whole panoply of exclusion and blacklisting of the Kabyle, in total impunity, all crowned by the refusal of elections by the Kabyle, demonstrate by themselves, if doubts could still persist among some, that Kabylia is not part of Algeria.

    The political strategy led by the MAK and Anavad at their head Ferhat Mehenni, knew how to put in difficulty and push to the fault, the military junta which confirms by its irrational, racist and reckless behavior, the recognition in fact of Kabylia, that she treats in a foreign country, enemy of Algeria.

    This factual recognition is worth more than a referendum validated by a big YES for the independence of Kabylia.

    12/13, inevitably, another political day for Kabylia.

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