Video : Sorcery in Arab-Muslim Algeria

Algerian barbarians (arab-muslims) have revealed a local « Sehhara », a witch, in downtown Ouargla. When these medieval people discovered the profession of this woman, they showed no mercy. First she was forced behind a building, and they began filming and harassing her. Then follows an avalanche of insults and aggression. Struck and put to the ground, the woman was stripped of her bag.

These people are protected in i conflict between themselves and the Kabyles, by westerners who chooses their side. The West will claim that they are protecting these savages from so-called Kabyle racism. When I talk about the Westerners I am talking about all political ideologies, the conservatives, communists, socialists, liberalists and evangelists, whom are protecting these monsters to prevent the division of Algeria, and save the colonial borders.

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