USA: Jiu-jitsu champion climbing podium with kabylia flag

His name is Azwaw Chekri. He is from Freha and lives in Canada for 9 years. On September 10th, this Martial Arts champion participated with his Montreal Revolution team at the Rickson Gracie Cup in Albany, New York, where he won two gold medals.

Once on the podium Azwaw brandished a Kabyle flag. He dedicates his victory to the inhabitants of Freha and all Kabylia.Azwaw Chekri practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which is a martial art, a fighting sport and a personal defense system derived from judo and jujitsu techniques imported from Japan to Brazil by Mitsuyo Maeda around 1920, then developed by family Gracie.

The young Azwaw Cherik, is the nephew of another Kabyle Champion resident and evolving in France, Amazigh Zenia.

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