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Blonde blue-eyed from Hedjaz desert ,Arabia ?

Alhambra Palace Wall painting

Alhambra Palace Wall painting

Blonde blue-eyed from Hedjaz desert , Arabia ? In 2010, I visited the Alhambra Palace in Granada. The building was built by Banu Nasr (Nasrid, or « Red sons »). Nasrid claims to be descendants from the desert in the Arabian peninsula. That their roots return to the « Khazraj Qahtaniyah tribe » and it is only the descendants of the « Saad bin Ibada Khazradji ».
Alhambra Palace Wall painting
What caught my attention is the presence of the epigraph expression « It is no more powerful than Allah » (Allah Ghalleb) in all the rooms and courtyards of the Alhambra Palace. Something quite curious is the murals depicting the Nasrid kings, who succeeded each others in the throne of the kingdom of Granada. These murals show us kings with very pale skin, red or blonde hair and blue eyes.

Alhambra Palace Wall painting

It is obvious what these paintings shall clarify: that these kings and their subjects had nothing to do with the Arab desert. They are descendants of Germanic vandals who  become « muslim » and invented an Arab descent, like Abd El Rahman  as invented Oumeyade’s ancestors, and that some even considered a descendant of Muhammad, while we knew that it was a pure Germanic blueeyed blondes, and their offsprings held their physical qualities for two centuries. They had children with white skin and blond hair!


  • The Islam lie and its invasions is so old and hammered in the head of schoolboys with a chisel, that it will be very difficult to admit that everything comes from the frank, Charlemagne. It was at his time that this whole history of Islam made its appearance.
    The birth of Islam seems to have passed away from the desert of Arabia. No trace of life, let alone that of a fortress of the famous  » Battle of the Trench, » is found in the Asiatic desert.

  • Everything is a gross fabrication. Islam is a collective hypnosis. I read a summary of a North African Ibadite ( Today a Muslim sect in Algeria and Libya) document of the 11th century. Not once the Arabic word is written. But even those who do the summum say that our ancestors called the Arabs Isreghenen.The god who was mentioned in the document was named Akouche, a North African deity. The author of the summary written Allah was named Akouche … incredible but true!

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