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100 years with Mouloud Mammeri

I had the honor and the privilege of having met and discussed at length twice with this monument of the Amazigh culture. Today he is 100 years old. I am writing in the present because this giant of Amazigh culture is immortal. Rest in peace Da Mouloud Mammeri.

Quote from Mammeri
« When things are really bad,
like they often are
When the road you walk on painfully seems to end at the top of a hill.
When the funds are low and the debts peak, you want to smile and you have to sigh.
When worry pushes you into depression. Rest if you want, but do not give up.
Life is so strange with its setbacks and detours, as each of us was able to learn one day and many who were defeated by failure could have succeeded if they had persevered.
Do not give up, even if everything seems to go slowly, because a breath can bring success.
Success is only the reverse of failure, and you can never know how far away the goal is.
So, continue your fight at the height of the fight, because when everything seems lost you must not give up. « 

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