During the resent crise of Syrian refugees, many people have opposed the welcome them under the pretext that we must help the refugees were the are. Today Kurds who are fleeing from the horror engendered by the Islamic religion are alone, with no voices to carry their cry for help and comport.

kurde 1By Allas DI TLELLI

While humanity is divided between those who drown in the atmosphere of New Year celebrations forgetting everything else, those who massacre in the four corners of the planet for expansion of their religion and for the hate to those who are not in the same worship, and finally those who are totally immersed in a Luciferian racketeering where only garnering a maximum benefit account, regardless of the consequences on the planet, on the people who suffer by the conflict generated on the precariousness of the world, billions of human terrassent including millions of children who die every day from hunger … while the planet is torn between these 3 human categories, in addition to all victims in the world which is mentioned above, hundreds of Kurds fleeing as we speak, on the road, not to be killed today, but most likely to be killed tomorrow, later, or a little more further, if we do not mobilize us more than we do at the moment. that. (The petition has just been launched, it must reach 100,000 signatures to react quickly UN Although we have signed, we must encourage as many people to do the same Re here is the link..: 2

Because of the increasing frequency of major strikes on their region, inhabitants of the area north of Hama have chosen means of another time but more effective to protect against cross strikes chaired by Turkey the Islamist Erdogan, the Syrian regime supported by Russia, and Islamists Daech supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar..etc. The inhabitants of these Kurdish areas when they are not in the arid and frigid mountains trying to find a way to move away from death, squarely installed in underground caves .
Last night, thousands of Kurds had to leave their villages to flee … It is a photographer friend, Fatih Pinar, who took the photos, here are a few:
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