We fight against the fake!

Kabylia, my beautiful country!

Boukhalfa Bellache

It’s far from me to do be navel-eyed, or even to usurp the effort “scholar” of our elites (which in the process only prostrate, good sandstone bad sandstone!), Nevertheless I take from you my sisters and brothers this freedom of speech, according to which “tella leqraya, tella lefhama (There is reading, there is understanding)”!

I will begin by saying to you my deep respect, to you my Kabyles sisters and brothers of whatever side you are on! Yes all! Those who are wrong, and the others, but my respect goes first and foremost to the independentists!

Indeed, against all odds, you fight against all! All, without exception!

This is the explanation for the difficulties we face (among others!).

We fight against the fake!

We fight against obscurantism, against the supremacy of a belief, without despising any (secularism).

We fight against the exploitation of men by men

We fight against the subordination of women to men

We fight against the single thought

We are fighting for democracy

We fight for the respect of the environment

We fight for freedom

We are fighting for no people to suffer as we have suffered

We are fighting for Taqvaylit (Kabylity), the truth is, it’s all that and more!

We fight, we fight …… .. we will continue to fight! And this is our definition, as Matoub says “mi i d lulagh d Aqvayli Ismiw amenghi” (since I was born Kabyle my name is Fight)

This is why, my brothers, the road is so difficult, in the world today; there is always a state, a country, a power, for not to say all, who sees us as a danger!

Yes, we are a danger! Starting with natural and immediate enemies: Arab-Islamism and France (parents of each other) in the first place! But between them, they prefigure the world!

Arabo-Islamism because they know that all of North Africa and all the rest is hanging over the fate of Kabylia, and their days are numbered. France because it knows that Algeria and all Africa following the awareness of Kabylia will tear away from its grip and will be a serious competitor! Yes, Kabylia is strong of its past, of its democracy cited as an example by the greatest thinkers, is a serious catalyst of awareness!

It does not fit anyone in this world that erects as fatality the crushing of the majority of humans and the rest of the living as law beyondpass!

Look at how France is acting within its own border. Does not that country favorise obscurantism? Does not France despise the secular, republican and modern Kabyles!?

Yes, my sisters and brothers, you are great, very great, more than you think! Look around, you will see, you have born democrats, communists, ecologists, the greatest ideas of freedom, and …., Today as we are indomitable and faithful to freedom, although for this some of our own are turning our backs!

You are great my sovereignist sisters and brothers! Even if, as we are used to say at home, “ikred i udrar s tuɣmas! “. Never mind, we know the mountains well and they know us well! We can only rely on ourselves and perhaps on humans who resemble us, but the states I believe must be mourned now and forever!

The fight of Kabylie is the fight of the century! It is the fight of the weak against the strong. It is the fight of the true against the false, it is the fight of the diversity against the hegemony, it is the fight of the freedom against the submission, it is the fight of knowledge against obscurantism …! Yes, my independence Kabyles sisters and brothers, you are very great! And no-one can say less about you!

Solitary moment!

Kabylia, my beautiful country!

Boukhalfa Bellache


  • Totally agree with you. The Kabyle fight could change a lot in the world. I wish, all the Kabyles could unite and govern by their own, their country: Kabylia.
    That would be the most important milestone to free all of North Africa from thieves and their lies and illegitimate governments. That would spread to whole Africa and beyond.
    Maybe then, the world would put human values and common sense in the foreground, instead of economical interests

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