By Cap Kabyle

The honor of Kabylia would it still be violated by the repressive forces colonial?

The mobilization of the children of Kabylia, Tala Athemane has prevented the colonial gendarmes to kidnap the worthy son of this honorable village Aksel Bellabbaci, the Kabyle must be respected at home, on the land of their ancestors.

At this moment the village of Tala Athemane is surrounded by the police of the criminal regime, and Aksel is in his village surrounded by brave independence activists and the inhabitants of his native village which protects him, an example of bravery and pride to be followed in all the other Kabyle villages.

In the diaspora mobilization also MAK on social networks, and the interpellation of international bodies by Anavad, and other large-scale actions will be considered by the Kabyle interim government in exile, if the situation comes to s’ aggravate.

For those who still doubt the colonial nature of this Algerian regime that does not support any symbol representing Kabylie and Kabyle, here is yet another proof, since even played football hurts so much, their hatred of Kabyle is visceral.

The Conifa that organizes this world cup of stateless people has the participation of Kabylia to denounce this repression because it does not include all this violence and degenerate behavior just because of football that is supposed to convey the universal values of peace.


Indeed, the MAK, makes the head of this dictatorial government that no longer knows on which foot to dance, the strength and the injustice of repression can never solve a legitimate political problem, this illegitimate criminal power can never prevent a indigenous people to access their freedom.

Your repression strengthens our determination, and long live Mass Aslway Ferhat Mehenni your pet peeve, and long live free and independent Kabylia.

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