Tunisia : The journalist Imed Dabbour, threatened with death because he is a Christian

Tunisia, the country that England sent Ghannouchi, for the same reason as France sent Khomeini to the Iranian Revolution.

The Tunisian journalist Imed Dabbour is threatened with death because he is a Christian: The presenter of the cultural program “This is not forbidden” on the channel Al Watani1, declared to be a victim of anti-Christian racism following the calls of Tunisian imams and Islamists who threatened to decapitate him because he was not a Muslim.’Imed Dabbour was insulted, qualified by Muslim activists by enemy of allah and even received threats: “We will separate your head from the body”, he was promised. In reaction to these threats, the journalist said he did not want to respond to these individuals who are spreading hate. He prefers to spread love and respect and not to be reduced to those who choose violence. I am proud to present a program on the national channel of my Tunisia, my country I love so much. Nothing and nobody will change my mind, so I pretend I do not hear them, wrote Imed Dabbour on his page on facebook

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